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CroArt Studio, in cooperation with experts, designed and developed digital routes.

The digital routes consist of text, images and video, and in a unique way, it tries to convey the interesting facts about each point to the viewers.


Digital routes can be created in different forms, for example:

  • tourist routes,
  • boat rides
  • cycling routes,
  • sacral routes,
  • wine roads...etc.

We can bring the routes to life and bring them to life for your needs exactly as you imagined.

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The created video content is fully adapted to your brand.

We use your logo, and we coordinate the colors of the routes with your website and logo so that the video fits perfectly on your site and social networks.

We use the photos, videos, music and images you want.

Blue Heart Travel

We created 2 routes for the travel agency Blue Heart Travel. The first route "Pilgrimage to Marian Shrines in Fatima, Lourdes & Medjugorje" refers to a journey through several countries. The trip starts in Portugal and ends in Croatia.

Blue Heart Travel

Enjoy a picturesque travel route through Italy that starts in ancient Rome and ends in Venice. The "Catholic Shrines of Italy Tour" route offers unforgettable experiences, and fascinating architecture, permeating the wealth of Italian heritage.

TZ Grada Vinkovaca

Discover the charm of Vinkovci through an exceptional travel route. Visit the archaeological park of Cibalae, explore the rich cultural heritage in the City Museum, and enjoy a walk along the beautiful promenade along the river.


For the Pointers agency, we created the Rally race "Power stage", which is located in the area of Kumrovec, Desinić and Zagorska sela. The video shows a detailed route that passes through all areas, and clearly shows the direction of the race with points of interest.

TZ Korčula

"St. Martin's Route" on the island of Korčula takes you through idyllic landscapes and cultural pearls. Visit the churches dedicated to Saint Martin, explore the medieval alleys and taste the local wines. This route provides a deep insight into the rich heritage of Korčula.

TZ Baranje

The "Footsteps of St. Martin" travel route in Grabovac takes you through picturesque areas and cultural heritage. Visit churches, traditional homes and enjoy local customs, exploring the rich heritage founded on Saint Martin.

TZ Općine Bilje - Kopački rit

Dive into the artistic world of the "Land art" passenger route in the municipality of Bilje. This unique trail takes you through spectacular art installations in nature, enhancing the landscape and providing a completely new experience of connection with the environment.

TZ Grada Sinja

Discover the city of Sinj through the excellent Cultural Heritage travel route. Visit the Grad fortress, the Museum of the Alka of Sinj, the Church of the Miraculous Lady Sinjka, and the fortress that bears witness to its rich history. This route provides a deep insight into the cultural heritage of Sinj.

TZ Općine Rogoznica

Embark on a spiritual journey through the municipality of Rogoznica via the votive path. Visit local churches, chapels and sanctuaries that enchant with their beauty. This route offers a unique spiritual journey experience in a beautiful coastal environment.

TZ Općine Rogoznica

Pass through the municipality of Rogoznica exploring the interesting travel route Putem Diomede. This trail reveals the hidden beauties of the coast, bays and points, offering an unforgettable experience of exploring the natural splendor and uniqueness of Rogoznica.

TZ Općine Rogoznica

Try your hand at exploring the municipality of Rogoznica by bike along the Zavjetni put trail. This cycling route takes you through picturesque landscapes, along the coast and through votive churches, providing a unique experience combining physical activity and cultural heritage.

TZ Kaštelir Labinci

Experience the harmony of modern life and tradition on the route "Where modern life meets tradition" in Kaštelir Labinci. We guide you through the charming area, providing an authentic experience of Istrian life.

PP Kopački Rit

Dive into the wilderness of PP Kopački rit via an enchanting travel route. This adventure through wetlands and trails provides an unforgettable experience of birdwatching, wildlife and absorbing the natural beauty of this unique ecosystem.

TZ Marina

Discover the "Roman routes" travel route in the Municipality of Marina, imbued with the beauty of the coast and local culture. It offers an unforgettable experience through picturesque landscapes, traditional customs and charming settlements that make this destination special.

TZ Marina

The "Herita Route" in the Municipality of Marina reveals the wealth of cultural heritage. Visit historical sites, exploring the heritage that makes this area unique. Experience the blend of past and present on this unforgettable route.

TZ Marina

The "Via Crucis" passenger route in the Municipality of Marina offers a great experience. Follow the paths of the road through picturesque landscapes, visiting beautiful bays and interesting points such as the underwater museum. This route offers silence and reflection, creating a unique spiritual atmosphere.

TZ Marina

"Explore the flavors of local life through the 'Taste Local' travel route in the Municipality of Marina. This route takes you through the authentic flavors of traditional cuisine, visiting local producers and oil mills, providing a unique gastronomic experience."

TZP Središnja Podravina

"In the heart of Central Podravina" travel route reveals the wonders of this idyllic region. Pass through picturesque villages, visit cultural points and enjoy unspoiled nature, creating an unforgettable experience in the very center of this picturesque Podravina region.

TZ Povljana

"The Best of Povljana" travel route in the municipality of Povljana reveals top experiences. Experience incredible beaches, explore cultural heritage. This route offers a superb experience of the best that Povljana has to offer. Visit the Malo and Veliko Blato ornithological reserve.

TZ Biser Zagorja

The "Cultural Heritage" travel route in Zagorje leads through rich history and artistic heritage. Visit churches and historical sites, exploring the deep-rooted culture of this beautiful area that exudes tradition and beauty.

TZ Biser Zagorja

The "Path of the Great" travel route in Zagorje takes you along the paths of great artists, scientists and historians. Visit the places where they shaped their ideas and left an indelible mark, experiencing the cultural splendor of this magical region of Zagorje.

TZ Ivanec

"Ivanečki Mlinovi and Mlinarska Šetnica" in Ivanec lead you through picturesque landscapes and traditional mills. Visit the points where the mills used to be, explore the mill heritage and embark on a charming walk discovering the wealth of this area.

TZ Grada Krapine

Explore the wonders of Krapina through a travel route that leads through historical sights, museums and charming alleys, explore the interesting museum of Krapina Neanderthals. Discover the cultural and natural wealth of this small town, providing an unforgettable experience.

TZ Baranje

The "Footsteps of St. Martin" travel route in Popovac reveals spiritual and cultural heritage. Walk through idyllic villages, visit churches and sanctuaries, exploring the traces of St. Martin and the rich traditions of this peaceful, picturesque region.

TZ Tisno

"Explore All Colors of Tisno" travel route in Tisno reveals the diversity of this wonderful place. Walk through the picturesque streets, discover beautiful beaches, explore the turquoise blue sea, enjoy local delicacies and experience all the shades of Tisno.

TZ Gradac

Explore the hidden beauties of the municipality of Gradac via an enchanting travel route.

Pass through picturesque villages, visit cultural sights and enjoy untouched nature, discovering the richness of this wonderful region.


Digital routes are created in modern video production tools.

The created content can reproduce in HD and 4K video quality.

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If you are interested in creating a digital route, please contact us.


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We design a digital route specifically for you to meet your needs.

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